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Mobile Conduit & Pipe Rack

This product consists of three parts: base column and cantilever. The base is welded to a rectangular tube.

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code Spec Size
  A B C H
130011108 1500mm 920mm —— 1650mm

Proudct Feature
1.This product is suitable for the revolving use of various types of steel bars, steel pipes, PVC pipes and other long goods.
stackable racks
stackable racks
2.This product has a simple structure, strong and durable, and long service life;
3. This product has a three-layer cantilever, a double-sided structure, and a total of 6 cargo spaces can store different types of products at the same time;
stackable racks
stackable racks
4.The cantilever of this product has ribs to prevent the goods from falling;
5.This product is equipped with 4 casters, 2 directions and 2 universal brakes, which is flexible and convenient to use;
stackable racks
stackable racks
6.The height of this product is moderate, close to the height of an adult, it is convenient to access the goods without using other spreaders;
7.The size of this product can be customized according to requirements;
stackable racks

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