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Vertical Storage Racks

The vertical pipe rack is composed of a base A-frame and beams. The base material is 10# channel steel and 40 square pipe.

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code Spec Size
     A    B    C    H
130011228 2500mm 1400mm —— 2000mm

Proudct Feature
1.Vprack is used for storage of pipes with poor bending resistance, such as stainless steel pipes, and is suitable for pipe distribution and other industries;
stackable racks
stackable racks
2.Vprack is a vertical movable pipe, which can be deformed by sparks;
3. Vprack has multiple storage units to classify pipes into categories;
stackable racks
stackable racks
4. Compared with the horizontal storage cantilever, Vprack has lower cost, stronger storage capacity and more separation;
5.Use high-quality carbon steel as raw material;
stackable racks
stackable racks
6.Both the base and the A-frame are welded with strength, which is strong and durable;
7.Equipped with interception chains to prevent cargo dumping;
stackable racks

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