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Aluminum alloy motorcycle frame

the base is provided with a lock rope loop for fixing the locomotive. At the same time there are casters under the base to facilitate the turnover of the stacker.

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Product Parameter


  L W H D h KG    
050003868 1960 1075 1500 280 1270 58 Aluminum 250kg

Proudct Feature
1.This product is suitable for three-dimensional storage or turnover of various motorcycles.
stackable racks
stackable racks
2.This product is equipped with a gentle stepping slope, and the motorcycle can be easily pushed in without the aid of other equipment.
3.This product is a prefabricated structure, and the column can be disassembled and placed when empty, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
stackable racks
stackable racks
4.There are lock rope loops on both sides of the base of this product for fixing the locomotive.
5.This product is equipped with a front wheel positioning groove, which makes the motorcycle more stable.
stackable racks
stackable racks
6.The base of this product is equipped with universal casters, which can be changed at will.
7.This product can be stacked with forklifts or aerial cranes to form a three-dimensional storage capacity and improve space utilization.
stackable racks
stackable racks
8.The maximum dynamic load of this product can reach 300 kg.
9.This product can adjust the size of the base and column according to the size of the motorcycle.
stackable racks

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