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How to choose the best post and cage pallets for your business

2021-12-15 15:38
We all know that having a large storage system for your business saves time by reducing the physical labour of your staff, significantly reduces your costs, provides a faster service to your customers and delivers your goods on time with minimal damage. For bulk items that can't fit into boxes, choosing pillar and cage pallets can be a great help to your business, saving time and money altogether.
storage cages on wheels
1. The key to choosing the best pillar and pallet cage
There are many items that require folding cage pallets with wire pads on both sides. As improper storage leads to inefficient use of available commercial space, the folding nature of cages saves space and can significantly reduce a company's commercial rental costs. For stacking, only column and cage pallets with reinforced edges should be selected.
Another advantage of folding cage pallets is that they save time, money, energy and space when returning products after shipping. This cost should also be taken into account by the supplier when invoicing the customer and should ideally be kept to a minimum. In addition, choosing cage pallets with a bright, galvanised finish can really brighten up a storage area. Choosing a colour that coordinates with your brand logo will ensure colour consistency throughout your business.
stackable racks
2. The use of pallet racking
Pallet racking is often used in bus and truck depots where different goods need to be kept securely until they can be transported. New and innovative models are being introduced every day, making multi-purpose passenger cars and light trucks very popular in the commercial sector.
The reasons for this are economy, convenience, ease of use and versatility. The popularity of cage pallets has not waned, however, with searches for cage pallets on Google using various keywords. Many industrial buyers do a great deal of research before choosing the right supplier for their business. Once a supplier has been chosen, they are given time to get to know the business and then deliver a product that fully meets the requirements in terms of quality.
International quality standards have now been set for all finished products and most cage pallets are powder coated to protect against rust, moisture, condensation, termites and, to some extent, fire. This coating is highly versatile and cost effective.
Whatever your business, you are sure to find a pallet cage that fits your requirements perfectly. There are also some bespoke options available at a slightly higher price.
Depending on your unique business requirements, you can order the pallet cage you need to help reduce the turnaround time for delivering goods to your customers.
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