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Precautions for transporting raw glass

2021-11-24 16:19
Glass belongs to fragile goods, transportation must be professional, careful, pay attention to safety! A frame Glass Storage Rack transportation is relatively safe and mature, the current glass manufacturers to save costs, most manufacturers have changed to bare package, the following by us to discuss with you how to safely transport glass!
a frame for glass

1.The bottom of the A-frame and all glass contact surfaces must be padded with thickened rubber mats to prevent the glass from falling onto the steel frame and breaking.
a frame for glass

2.Glass loading must be at a 7 ° angle against the shelf, the shelf must be placed on the same level to maintain full contact between the glass and the shelf, remember not to let the glass side overhang or inadequate contact, resulting in the glass is crushed.
a frame for glass

3.Glass must be transported or stored using foam strips to separate the glass from the glass to prevent all the glass from being squeezed together and unable to pull the sling out.
a frame for glass

4.The foam strip pad must be placed in the same line with the A-frame to ensure that all the glass force in the same line, not in the same line will cause uneven force on the glass and broken.
a frame for glass

5.The correct use of foam strips (foam strips should be taped to the glass to prevent the bagging process from being touched or touched slant)
a frame for glass

6.This will easily cause uneven force on the glass.
a frame for glass

7.Normal layout (2440 * 3660 below the layout) of the glass in the middle of the pad two foam strips can be, oversized layout should be appropriate to increase the foam strips to prevent the glass too long shaking broken in the transport process.

a frame for glass

8.The loaded glass is shown in the picture, with enough gaps between each packet to facilitate spreader loading while allowing the glass to be ventilated.
a frame for glass

9.The correct loading diagram.
a frame for glass

10.Button plate with foam pad inside.
Button plate with foam pad inside

11.Fasteners protect the glass edges and facilitate glass bundling.
a frame for glass

12.Bundling schematic (I)
a frame for glass

13.Bundling schematic diagram (II)
The picture is 10mm diameter wire rope
a frame for glass

14.Glass products are not only fragile, but also susceptible to mold when exposed to water and moisture. Single piece of glass damp or rain will not appear moldy phenomenon, when the whole package of glass damp, if the glass is not dried separately in time, it will be moldy is the glass stick together can not be used. Therefore, glass in transit must be covered with a tarp to prevent the glass from rain and moisture。

15.Pictures of moldy glass, the white moldy spots on the picture are impossible to clean.

a frame for glass

16.Standard tools for transport vehicles (a) cut-resistant gloves.
 Cut-resistant gloves

17.Standard tools for transport vehicles (II) cut-resistant wrist guards.
Cut-resistant wrist guard

Glass transportation precautions.
Sharp braking and fierce turning are strictly prohibited during the driving of the vehicle.
Glass loading and unloading must maintain a balance on both sides, the difference between the number of packages on both sides shall not exceed 2 packages. Especially the vehicle with a small load, easy to cause an imbalance in the center of gravity and overturned.
Glass products have been moldy with moisture, and must be covered with a tarp during transportation.

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