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Truck Tyre Storage Rack - benefits for your business

2021-12-08 14:51
Truck Tyre Storage Rack - benefits for your business
Tyre storage racks are a shelving system for storing and displaying car tyres, ideal for tyre shops, garages, car dealers, commercial tyre warehouses and even tyre manufacturers. Available in 3, 4 and 5-tier versions, they are specially designed and constructed for storing tyres as well as presenting them to customers. The benefits of tyre racks for tyre dealers are as follows
tyre storage rack
1. Easy installation
Tyre storage racks are easy to install and can be adapted to your business requirements. The number of levels can be adjusted according to the size of your tyres and the feasibility of your business.
2. storage and display
In addition to saving useful space and efficiently storing tyres, the rack can be used as a platform for displaying different product models.
3. Variety of styles
Tyre storage racks can be wall mounted or floor mounted. This means you can install a tyre storage rack to suit your needs and purposes. Floor storage racks can usually be folded up and stored when not in use. This is a key feature of our tyre storage racks.
4. Accessibility
Tyre storage racks usually open on one side, allowing easy access to the tyres. They are designed to lock the tyres in place, making the previously difficult task of storing and stacking tyres much easier and more efficient.
5. Protection from damage
If tyres are placed directly on the floor, they can become damaged, especially during the off-season. Tyre storage racks keep tyres close together and provide enough support so they can be used for the next season. This is why there are a number of 'tyre hotels' in North America and Canada that use these tyre storage racks throughout the season for their customers for a fee, and they are rapidly gaining popularity due to their unique efficiency. Tyre storage system.
As you can see, tyre racking systems are an integral part of effective tyre storage and display and are versatile systems for ensuring tyres are available and displayed.
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