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Post Pallet

Stacking and portable post rack especially suitable for goods that are afraide of pressure. take the place of shelves.

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Size Weight Surface Base Plate Capacity (t)
A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) KG Plate Gridding Dynamic Static
1120 920 900 28.87 PowderCoating / / 1.2 2.4
1120 1120 1100 36.54 PowderCoating / / 1.2 2.4
1220 1120 1200 38.64 PowderCoating / / 1.2 2.4
Customized as required
Proudct Feature
1.The detachable stacking rack is suitable for storage of products that are pressure - proof, fragile, irregular in shape and not easy to stack.
Post Pallet
Post Pallet
2.Using folklift to stack the racks, increasing utility rate of space.
3.Convenient to use, you can change application site easily.
Post Pallet
Post Pallet
4.The four pillars of the rack are detachable and can be storaged under the base, which can avoid missing, save spaces and is convenient for storage and transport.
5.The special processing of the pillars ensures that the splicing process is closely coordinated, so as to avoid shaking when stacking and ensure safety.
Post Pallet
Post Pallet
6.The grid of the base can be different according to different loading goods.
7.Grid plate or steel plate can be added to the base according to differnet types of goods.
Post Pallet

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