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Die Roll Out Racks

This product is composed of column pumping plate slide way cylinder supporting controls and controller box etc.

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Inside A Width W Height H Layers n Columns M Layer Loading Surface treatment
mm mm mm
900 600 2000 4 3 1 Powder Coating
Customized as required
Proudct Feature
1.The whole product is hinged by bolts.
mold rack
mold rack
2.This product adopts pneumatic drive, and the running speed of the pumping plate can be adjusted;
3.After the installation of the pumping plate of the product, the floor height can be adjusted up and down freely in the later stage;
mold rack
mold rack
4.The bearing capacity of the product is strong, the single suction bearing capacity is up to 3T;
5.Each layer of the product is equipped with an independent control button, one-button operation is convenient and quick;
mold rack
mold rack
6. The extraction plate of this product can be completely pulled out, which is convenient for lifting, taking and placing of large molds;

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