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pallet racks shelving

This pallet racks shelving is assembled by Post piece beam and self-locking bolt. This structure effectively prevent bolt from losening which leads to unstability of rack.

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Product Parameter

Single Set Length Single Set Width Overall Height Layer Amount Capacity SurfaceTreatment
L ( mm ) W ( mm ) H(mm) n m T(kg) Powder Coating
2400 1200 6000 3 3 2000 Blue/Orange
1890 1200 6000 3 3 3000 Blue/Orange
Customized as required
Proudct Feature
1.This product is suitable for storing goods that have many categories and goods that be accessed frequently.
selective rack
selective rack
2.This product has the feature of 100% selection of goods. Forklift and other handling machines can reach any designated goods for storage.
3.This product can effectively improve the storage height of the warehouse and improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse.
selective rack
selective rack
4.This product is a composite structure, which can adjust the height of beam joint arbitrarily.
5.Span beam can be added to the rack to avoid goods from falling down.
selective rack
selective rack
6.Network layer plate, steel layer plate and other ancillary facilities can be added to the rack.
7.Suitable cross beam can be added to the rack to place round barrel goods.
selective rack
selective rack
8.Protect parapet can be added to prevent forklift hitting the rack.
9.Back mesh can be added to the back of rack to prevent goods from falling down backward.
selective rack
selective rack
10.Warning lights can be added to the pillar to keep the rack visible and avoid collision.

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