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U Boat Trolley

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Inquiry U Boat Trolley
size Metrial surface treatment Remarks  
L(mm) W(mm) L1(mm)
1300 425 1510 PP+Q235 Powder coating    
Proudct Feature
1.Used For the turnover of goods in the area.
U Boat Trolley
U Boat Trolley
2.Long and narrow body,more convenient for specific occasions.
3.The overall metal frame at the bottom increases the rigidity of the bottom plate.
U Boat Trolley
Flatbed Trolley
4.Removable guardrails on both sides,for easy transportation and storage.
5.Six high-quality casters,360 degrees of free rotation,push and pull labor-saving.
Flatbed Trolley
Flatbed Trolley
6.Convenient brake design,one step can complete the braking operation.
7.Plastic backplane grid design,high strength.
Flatbed Trolley
Flatbed Trolley
8.The bottom plate is equipped with anti-skid rubber pads to increase friction with the goods.
9.The bottom plate is also provided with a caster limit groove,so that the empty car can take off and land more stably.
Flatbed Trolley
Flatbed Trolley
10.Handles on both side are designed to make stacking easier.

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