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roll pallet

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Inquiry roll pallet
Baseboard size Height Sureface CastorMaterial Bearer Weight
A(mm) B(mm) H(mm) KG
1020 770 1700 PowderCoating Polyurethane 500 61.85
765 620 1700 PowderCoating Polyurethane 500 51.5
Customized as required
Proudct Feature
  roll pallet     1.The material for the baseboard of this roll container is heavy steel plate, with high bearing and durable.  
  2.With the goods fear of pressure, can increase weir mesh level or steel level.     roll pallet  
  roll pallet     3.Increase single door or double door can prevent the goods with drop risks.  
  4.This roll container can be folded, release storage place and easy to transport.     roll pallet  
  roll pallet     5.Retractor can be used on, to achieve safety transfer multiple roll containers together.  
  6.For dust-proof goods, dust cover can be added on this roll container.     roll pallet  
  roll pallet     7.Two derictional wheels and two universal wheels, with strong bearer. For one single wheel’s bearing capacity can be 1.5 ton.  

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