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Bottled water rack

The stack barreled water rack is used for the transportation and storage of barreled drinking water

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Inquiry Bottled water rack
Main materials Carbon steel rectangular pipe
Anti-collision sheath material Rubber
Bucket placement Form Horizontal
Surface treatment Electrostatic power coating
Number of loads in a    single channel 3~5 sets
Single channel loading capacity 150kg
Maximum number of stacking layers 4Layer
Products specification 1265×950×1330(18.9L type bracket)
 Total 36 barrels
Static loading 1000kg
Number of stackable layers 4 layers
Deadweight 124kg
Proudct Feature


Storage and Access: When storing the bucket, the bucket is successively sent into the stack barreled water rack from the inlet and outlet. And then the barrier lashing hook at front end of the bucket storage rack hang on the top of the ring type buckle, the bucket storage completed. When taking out the bucket, return it according to the above procedure;

Stacking: Insert the fork teeth into the forklift road to be stacked onto the upper side of the bottled water rack,then lift to a sufficient height and adjust the position of the forklift so that the upper bucket rack and the lower bucket rack are aligned. And then slowly drop, confirming that the top beam of the bottom barreled water rack enters the upper barreled water rack’s frame slot. Drop and complete stacking.
1.Steel structure frame fully welded, stable structure;
bottled water rack
bottled water rack
2.It can be stacked under no load or full load to save storage space;
3.The rubber cushion pad is added on the transverse support to prevent damage of the bucket when the vehicle bumps;
Bottled water rack
Bottled water rack
4.Equipped with an independent fork road to prevent the bucket from being scratched accidentally during forklift operation;
5.The inlet and outlet of the bucket are cut off by lashing rope. The upper end of the lashing rope is a fast hook, which is convenient for the access of the bucket. The tightness of the lashing rope is adjustable.
bottled water rack
bottled water rack
6.Can be customized according to the specifications of the bucket;

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