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Chairborne enterprise activity circle ended satisfactorily

2019-09-27 14:37
When the snowflakes of winter float back to the clouds, when the maple leaves of late autumn fade their red clothes, when the flowers of midsummer are in buds, the buds of spring return to the soil. The light went backwards for several years, when it returned to its original July 27. Plain date, far-reaching implication, here is the starting point of the four seasons cycle of the Chungde people, we call it Enterprise Day. Everyone has his own birthday, so does the enterprise.

Another year when the flowers blossom, July in midsummer is like a fire, full of passion and challenges. Leo has a distinct personality of innovation and lofty ideals. In celebration of Enterprise Day, enterprises launched an activity week.

Whether it is the unity in the collective tug-of-war, or the courage to take the lead in the long-distance race, the activities of a dynamic smiling face, let me see the youth of the enterprise, conscientiously experience the beautiful fragrance.
In the past, the people of Lichuangde went forward hand in hand, step by step, we say this is a memory.
Looking ahead, the road is arduous and we are determined to move forward. We say this is the future.
To continue to empower logistics, we say it is a mission.
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