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Commercial Die Storage Rack Design Features and Benefits

2022-05-18 14:21
Tooling, dies and other manufacturing equipment can be tricky to store because of their size, weight and inability to be stacked. As a result, these indispensable tools are often stored on the manufacturing floor, where they take up space, are susceptible to damage and can endanger workers. Dexco Tool and Die Racks provide vertical storage capacity on high-strength shelves designed to accommodate the unique characteristics of manufacturing equipment. This type of storage system offers many advantages including:
Organized Storage
Dexco industrial tool and die racks can hold items on removable deck plates, fork entry bars or open beams for easy location and access. By making organization more efficient, tool and die racks also streamline the setup process.
Maximized Floor Space
Tool and die racks increase floor space for manufacturing. Die storage racking systems free up walking space in facilities by keeping equipment off of the floor. Since these racking systems effectively use vertical space, you can clear more horizontal space in your facility.
Reduced Damage to Critical Fabrication Equipment
Structural steel I-beams resist damage and keep your tooling secure as forklifts move through your die storage area. Each rack also has an optimized design for forklift access to reduce the risk of damage during loading and unloading.
Greater Safety
Engineered racks enable safe tool storage. Manufacturers that store tool and die equipment on the floor put their staff at risk of strain and accidents. A racking system can lower this risk when implemented as part of a comprehensive safety plan.
Modular and Customizable Design
We will enable you to change or add to your racking system during or after the initial concept design. Our custom design options and modular systems give you optimal control over the layout of your industrial die rack shelving.

Applications for Industrial Tool and Die Racks
Any business that uses or makes dies and tooling can benefit from a racking system. Customers that use our tool and die storage racks include:
Tool and stamping die manufacturers
Original equipment manufacturers
Metal fabricators
Industrial manufacturers
Commercial good manufacturers
Stamping mold companies

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