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How does a storage cage function as an inventory

2021-08-24 14:08

Modern warehousing is now not a traditional sense of warehouse management, but to satisfy the demand of the upstream and downstream supply chain for the attempt, relying on warehouse equipment and information technology, the entry and exit of goods, storage, processing, packaging, sorting, distribution and its information to stop useful planning, implementation and control of logistics activities.  


The essential feature of warehousing is the management and control of inventory.  How does the storage cage play the storage management and control the inventory effect?  Dynamic processing.  Traditional storage is primarily for the warehouse and goods static management, storage of goods, the more the better;  Modern storage is the dynamic management of products, the center is to control the product inventory, the fewer products stored, the better, the more frequently products in and out of the warehouse, the better, the faster the better.  Storage cage cooperation hydraulic truck, forklift has a strong turnover ability, is the factory enterprise to improve the power of the warehouse must be good!  


Value-added services.  The service function of traditional storage is single, the first is warehousing management;  Modern storage service is multi-function, integrated and value-added.  The so-called "value added" has two meanings: one is the value added in the sense of political economy, that is, for customers, for the enterprise itself to create value services;  The other is the innovative services related to traditional services and fundamental customer requests. In addition to warehousing, there are processing, packaging, sorting, distribution, information information, financing supervision and so on.  


Mechanized and automated operations.  Traditional storage is based on technical operations, while modern storage is based on mechanized operations and automated operations.  Storage cage can cooperate with industrial delivery car, crane, stacker and elevator to move and transfer, cooperate with shelves, pallets and other use, can make the warehouse mechanization and automation operation.  Satisfied with the factory enterprise to speed, accuracy, height, weight, repeated access and transfer requests!  

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