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How to improve the utilization rate of logistics trolley?

2021-08-31 16:18
With the rapid development of the logistics industry, related prices are also rising. Enterprises also need to pay high management fees for a large number of express packages. In order to save costs, it is necessary to improve the utilization rate of logistics trolley. So how to improve the utilization rate of logistics trolley? At this time, we need to choose a reasonable logistics trolley.
Generally speaking, improving the utilization rate of logistics trolley can be divided into two aspects: one is how to plan the space of logistics trolley, the other is the location of goods. Project classification not only saves some space, but also is easy to manage. Logistics trolley can solve both problems at the same time. Above all, the space can erect multilayer bookshelf, make cannot use the space ground on land originally use. The use of logistics trolley to store items is more convenient, easy to put, different items will be placed in the category, in the management of the time will be more relaxed, it can be said to choose the right shelf is a very good way, kill two birds with one stone.

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