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Steel racking mesh

2021-09-30 12:38

Steel shelf mesh refers to a network of shelves made of steel and is multi-layered. And can be adjusted back and forth, the entire slide board box inside and outside the position, the two ends of the rod used, is one side of the bus reading. And this time can be in the feed box screw, connected, and the shaft line of the nut can meet the axial requirements at the same time. Stainless steel shelf layer net in the feed box screw connection sleeve axis line, application in processing, in the plane to achieve a basic integration.



That is to say, after determining the axis line of the big screw, the position of the metal shelf layer network is basically determined. But because the slide box and the feed box these two combined together, the application of a large screw axis line position. So this means that at the end of the tool, a bracket is used on the inspection rod to keep the reading consistent with the side bus and the upper bus. Generally adjusted brackets, shelves are used to store the workpiece. So in the design, first of all to the state of the workpiece for a basic analysis, so there will be a basic targeted reasonable design, is more reasonable. After grinding by adding gaskets, the side busbar can be added or reduced at one time.

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