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Description of selection type of medium shelf laminate

2020-07-13 14:54

Shelves are everywhere in our life, such as supermarkets, clothing stores, warehouses and so on.General shelves by column, beam and laminate composition, in order to achieve the purpose of bearing.In addition to carrying load, laminate also plays the role of carrying goods, is an indispensable part of the shelf.So, what kind of laminate should be used as shelf laminate?

Let's take the middle-sized warehouse shelves as an example. Those who know about warehouse shelves know that the goods that can be stored on middle-sized shelves are not particularly heavy, but manually accessed.We usually plan to carry a load of 200kg to 500kg per layer. If the load is so heavy, if we laminate with steel plates, will it be easy to deform?
The steel layer is a thin layer. We all know that if you put a heavy thing on a very thin piece of wood, it will either deform or break.Replacing it with wood laminate, which is 15mm thick, does not show this, and the heavy cargo does not deform easily or break.The boards are made of many thin boards which are compressed into thick wooden splints. We could say the steel plate should be thicker, but let's think about it, if the steel plate is thicker, how much would it cost?How much will it cost?On the shelf, a set of medium shelves has three layers, so how big is the medium shelf?If you want to change the shelf, you can't move it. Is it inconvenient to use it? In this way, wood laminate is better, can meet the delivery of goods without deformation, without fracture, and saves money. It also makes the shelves slightly lighter and easier to move. Steel laminate network deforms more easily than steel sheet, so wood is a suitable storage shelf choice for the above comparison.

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