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Manufacturing materials and classification of storage cages

2021-07-28 16:07
The main raw material of the storage cage is the high-strength steel wire drawn by high-speed wire, the general wire diameter is 4.8mm, 5mm, 6mm, 6.4mm. The mesh spacing of the mesh welding is generally 50×100, 100×100, 50×50, 50x25, 25x25 , The bottom of the storage cage is welded with U-shaped channel steel. The U-shaped channel steel is rolled by a cold-rolled strip mill. The bottom four legs are stamped and formed. Generally, the formed piece is 2 pieces of stamping, and then 2 pieces of stamping. Pieces are welded together. The height of the feet of the storage cage is generally 100, and there are also 120mm height.

The design of the foldable storage cage is to provide convenience for access at any time. When stacking and storing, the small door can be opened to deposit or take out items at any time, eliminating the trouble of turning over the warehouse. And storage after folding, greatly saving space. The non-foldable storage cage has a large load-bearing capacity due to special reinforcement treatment, and generally can be stacked more layers.
Towing the storage cage is to install traction devices on the left and right positions of the storage cage. Generally, casters are added, and the storage cage is connected back and forth, which can easily circulate freely in a relatively smooth ground.
The bottom of the caster storage cage is equipped with wheels, generally two universal wheels and two brake wheels, which are sensitive and light, and are mostly suitable for production workshops.
Heavy-duty storage cages are special storage cages developed from storage cages according to customer needs. They are welded with angle steel and rectangular tubes. Compared with general storage cages, they have the characteristics of large load-bearing capacity and firm structure. They are treated with plastic spraying.
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