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The preferred shelf type for aluminum profiles of cantilever shelves

2021-07-13 15:52

Now warehouse shelves are more and more widely used, small to the home.As big as the national warehouse.Almost all people can not do without shelves, shelves are more and more recognized by people.Cantilever shelf aluminum profile is the first choice, cantilever shelf is mainly used in machinery manufacturing and building materials supermarkets.Add shelf, especially suitable for small space, high, low storage, easy to manage, wide field of vision, high utilization of common shelves.





The characteristics of cantilever shelves are: cantilever shelves series are combination, disassembly, transportation, adjustment and handling, convenient and safe.The length of cantilever frame can be combined freely according to the site conditions.


Tunable columns can be used to adjust the spacing between partitions.Shelf height is limited, generally around 6m, only suitable for strip storage.


Cantilever shelves suitable for many types of goods storage use.Long materials include: aluminum profile length is generally more than 4 meters;Square pipes are relatively long materials. If they are piled on the ground, it will not only be difficult to get the goods but also cause some safety hazards.Coil material: including wire and cable, plastic coil material, etc., can be directly hung on the cantilever in the form of a coil, directly using a forklift to store.



The cantilever rack has low manufacturing cost and is flexible for warehouse and workshop environment.Suitable for many types of goods and warehouse workshops.Is now a lot of enterprise warehouse shelves first choice, welcome to inquire about the price and make orders

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