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Warehouse shelf classification

2021-08-06 13:41

Warehouse shelves are mainly divided into the following types; (Classified by structure)


1: Beam type shelving


Access fast, convenient, to ensure that all items are first-in, first-out, no forklift type restrictions, fast delivery speed, space utilization rate of 30%-50% (determined by the type of forklift).


2: corridor type shelves


High density storage, advanced and then out, part of the goods according to the order, 20%-30% optional, take the speed of general, storage clearance up to 60% of the whole warehouse.


3: gravity shelf


High density, high efficiency of goods storage ideal choice, the use of free access design, high inventory turnover rate, according to the order to take goods, take goods fast, good ground utilization rate, storage net space station warehouse 60%.


4: attic shelf


Attic shelves are used as floor support, can be designed into multi-storey floors (usually 2-3 floors), equipped with stairs and goods lift, etc., suitable for higher warehouse, light and small goods, manual access. In the case of large cargo storage, use the hoist and hydraulic lifting platform.


5: cantilever shelf


Suitable for storing long and irregular items, such as all kinds of pipes, hoses and steel plates.


6: Electronic control mobile shelf


Each group of shelves can be driven by electricity (mechanical) to move on the track alone, with a channel can solve the operation of 6, 8, 10 or more shelves. Push the button to drive the shelf and open the desired aisle.


7: pallet shelf


Pallet shelves are designed and stored in the form of pallet unit goods. Generally, pallet trucks and other handling equipment are used to operate the shelves.


The following are classified by load:


1: light shelf


Plug combined structure, standard group plug-in, without a connection bolt, easy to disassemble and assemble, super super closed steel laminar structure, the height of each 50mm can be adjustable, each layer maximum load 150-250 kg.


2: medium shelf


The shelf adopts the structural form of beam and laminet-combined, which can bear 300-500kg. The beam has a variety of specifications of section. The structural parts can be freely assembled and disassembled, the height can be adjusted, and the distance is 50mm.


3: heavy duty shelves


The structure of beam and column is combined, the weight of single layer can reach 1-3 tons, can store the tray, can also be configured to use the lamslab, the shelf can be dismantled and installed freely, the adjustable distance is 75mm.


Shelf technology and safety factor:


Shelf components are made of steel plate rolling, the strength and rigidity meet the machinery industry standards. Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, automatic welding. Accessories in the injection before the oil removal, rust removal, pickling, phosphating four processes. 180 ° EPOXY powder coating, generally 60-80 micron.


The bending proportion of the beam after bearing is 1:200 of the length, the tolerance is 10%, and the safety factor after bearing is 1.5 times.

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