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What are the benefits and advantages of warehouse shelf supply?

2021-07-13 15:51

Warehouse shelf is a kind of rack structure, which is assembled by the structure of column, beam and so on. It is widely used in all walks of life.So what are the benefits of stocking shelves in warehouses?Here, siye into the shelves xiaobian to a simple talk.



1. Maximize the application of warehouse space, improve warehouse utilization and storage capacity, and have a strong three-dimensional structure;


2. Work together with machinery and equipment, and the access to large quantities of goods is no longer limited to manual and random placement;


3. Reduce the collision between goods, avoid unnecessary damage of goods, and reduce the risk of goods management;


4. 100% liquidity of goods, fifO greatly improves the time limit of goods entering and leaving;


5. All goods stored on the shelves of the warehouse can be easily counted and managed by the staff;


6. Able to meet the management needs of modern enterprise logistics supply chain with low cost, low loss and high efficiency;


7. Make the goods in the shelves convenient to implement moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-theft, anti-damage, etc., and improve the quality of stored goods.



Advantages of Siye Warehouse shelf Supply:


1. Although starting late, I have accumulated rich experience in the industry. Adhering to the service philosophy of safety, rationality and economy, I provide perfect scheme design and high-quality products for customers.


2. Strong strength in new product development, shuttle shelves, automatic stereo storage technology and other technologies have been recognized and applied by customers.


3. Price advantage, compared with peer products with the same specifications, has a better cost performance, and wins super high retention rate of customers.


4. With comprehensive logistics equipment resources, it can solve customers' arbitrary requirements on logistics and warehousing equipment, and provide one-stop services such as design, production, installation and after-sales, so that the company has more space to acquire projects.

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