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motorcycle pallet

Special use stacking storage motocycle racks can provide design solutions and customized.motorcycle shipping pallet for Suppliers

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Dimensions Weight Surface Capacity (t)
A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) H2(mm) W2(mm) KG Dynamic Static
2380 1120 1060 125 245 85.48 Powder coating 0.5T 1.5T
2380 1120 1060 150 245 87.45 Powder coating 0.5T 1.5T
2380 1120 1060 175 245 93.78 Powder coating 0.5T 1.5T
Customized as required
Proudct Feature
1.It's appropriate for tridmensitional storage of all kinds of motorcycles.
motorcycle pallet
motorcycle pallet
2.The base is a semi-open structure,and the motorcycle can be push into the rack easily without other help.
3.A locking hook is arranged on both sides of the folding frame to fix the motorcycle.
motorcycle pallet
motorcycle pallet
4.Convenience to use, you can change application site easily.
5.Can be stacked up to 3 layers, the upper and lower layers are designed with locks, which is strong and sturdy.
motorcycle pallet
motorcycle pallet
6.Stacking can come true whether at full or empty loading condition . It’s convenient for storage and transportation.
7.The size of base can be changed according to different types of motorcycles.
motorcycle pallet

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