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Pipe storage rack

Pipe stacking rack When no load can be stacked dislocation for store very save space.

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Inquiry Pipe storage rack
Dimensions Weight Surface Capacity (t)
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) KG Dynamic Static
2300 1115 1300 58 Powder coating 1.5T 4.5T
2300 1215 1300 95.5 Powder coating 1.5T 4.5T
2300 1315 1300 61 Powder coating 1.5T 4.5T
Customized as required
Proudct Feature

Why do you need these pipe storage shelves?

In the fast-paced production line, efficient storage and transport of pipes and lumber are crucial. pipe storage shelves, a plug-and-play pipe storage solution, was conceived to tackle this very challenge. It's not just a PVC pipe storage rack but a thoughtfully designed pipe rack storage system, offering a temporary collection and safe transport solution for your elongated items. Especially during transfers to warehouses or long-distance transportation, the superiority of pipe stacking racks stands out; they prevent over-stacking and protect goods at the bottom from damage. As a versatile pipe racking system, this pipe storage system not only aids in transport but also doubles as shelving for warehouse stacking, catering to your specific needs. Choosepipe storage shelves for more efficient, safe, and convenient warehousing management!

1.Pipe storage rack is dedicated to providing efficient pipe storage solutions for various industries. Whether it's the manufacturing of plastic pipes like PVC, PE, PP tubes, rubber hoses, steel pipes, or the transportation industry, Pipe storage rack design is perfectly adaptable. Its exceptional "tubing rack storage" system ensures the safe and organized storage of all types of pipes, facilitating quick handling and transportation. The versatility and robust applicability of the tube racking make it the preferred choice for pipe management, enhancing the smooth and efficient operations of your industry.
Pipe storage rack
Pipe storage rack
2.Overall fixed type structure,and fully welded processing, rugged and durable, maximum dynamic load up to 2500kg;.
3.Pipe storage rack is ingeniously designed with space optimization in mind. Its distinct stacking feature allows each "tubing storage rack" to be seamlessly stacked, reaching an impressive height of up to 6 meters. This not only elevates the space efficiency of your warehouse but also simplifies storage for a variety of tubing materials. Whether you have standard "warehouse pipe rack" needs or specialized "pvc pipe storage rack" applications, Pipe storage rack offers the most efficient space utilization solution. By choosing Pipe storage rack, you ensure every inch of your storage space is put to its best use.
Pipe storage rack
Pipe storage rack
4.This type rack can be carried out staggered stacking under no-load state .This will facilitate transportation and storage, And 75% less space;.
5.The number of bottom transverse bracing can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the goods;.
Pipe storage rack
Pipe storage rack
6.When cargo is loaded and unloaded, Its planar degrees of freedom are completely limited; This prevents the tube frame placed on it from slipping off;
7.There are multiple options for surface treatment, such as electrostatic powder coating and cold galvanizing etc.Specifications can be customized according to user requirements;
Pipe storage rack

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