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tyre pallet

Tyre Pallet Post Stack Rack Customized Free Quickly Delivery Email Us.

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Product Parameter
Dimensions Weight Surface Beam for tyre Base plate Capacity 
A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) KG Plate  Grid Dynamic  Static 
2000 1200 1200 65.12 Powder Coating / / / 1.5T 4.5T
2000 1000 1200 60.9 Powder Coating / / / 1.5T 4.5T
Customized as required
Proudct Feature
1.This pallet is very suitable for light goods distribution.
tyre pallet
tyre pallet
2.It's extremely light and the transportation surcharge is very low.
3.It's exquisitely made, can be as a gift to increase the value of the goods.
tyre pallet
tyre pallet
4.Load ratio is high. It can load more than 50 times of the dead weight.
5.This pallet is cold galvanized surface treatment with excellent anti-corrosion performance.
tyre pallet
tyre pallet
6.The surface of the pallet is a multi-lensed bending structure, which increases the strength of the panel and anti-skid effect.
7.The pallet is designed with four-way fork. Storage operation is more convenient.
tyre pallet

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If you have any question or need drawings or solutions, Please leave us a message.
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