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Mushroom Shelving

Mushroom Shelving It's a shelf for growing mushrooms made of metal tubing wrapped with plastic. Corrosion resistance convenient installation convenient transportation effective space saving conducive to the growth of greenhouse mushrooms.

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Proudct Feature
1.Our mushroom rack can be assembled and customized designed. It can be designed at an appropriate height for easy storage, and it can also be arranged at a more reasonable height for greenhouse to reduce the cost;
Mushroom Shelving
Mushroom Shelving
2.Very suitable for wet working environment, improve service life;
3.Mushroom rack assembly without tools installation, easy loading and unloading, stable and durable;
Mushroom Shelving
4.The connector is made of Engineering machine injection molding nylon material, easy to install and no oxidation;
5.The mushroom rack can be customized according to your actual needs. Each rack can bear 300KG or larger;
6.Can be used for greenhouse planting and greenhouse planting shed construction;
7. Can be applied to mushroom farming farms;
8.Soilless cultivation farm can be formed;
9. Steel tube heating - melt plastic with equipment – wrap with plastic on steel tube surface - final machining according to customer size;

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