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storage rack

Wire shelves provide ample storage.The welded shelving racks have beams for extra strength ans fit any storage needs.

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storage rack
Single Set Length Single Set Width Overall Height Layer Material Capacity SurfaceTreatment
L ( mm ) W ( mm ) H(mm) n   (kg) Powder Coating
1500 600 2000 4 Q235 400 Blue/Orange
1500 500 2000 4 Q235 400 Blue/Orange
2000 500 2000 4 Q235 400 Blue/Orange
2000 600 2000 4 Q235 400 Blue/Orange
Customized as required
Proudct Feature
1.It is widely used in logistics, shopping malls, etc., where it is necessary to manually carry goods.
storage rack
storage rack
2.The column is designed with a butterfly hole,which can be used with the beam to facilitate installation and disassembly.
3.The concave rib design on the back of the laminate has excellent bending resistance.
storage rack
storage rack
4.The raw material is cold-formed high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet,which is high quality and impact-cesistant.
5.Environmentally friendly electrostatic spraying,brighter appearance adn healthier use.
storage rack
storage rack
6.The columns and beams are full of materials and the load is guaranteed.
7.Improve the utilization of storage space to facilitate cargo access and classification.
storage rack
storage rack
8.The layer spacing can be adjusted according to the needs.
9.The bottom of the column is provided with an enlarged foot plate to make the shelf more stable.
storage rack
storage rack
10.P Shape-beam,which is more perfect with the laminate.

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