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Gas Cyliner Rack

The product consists of a cage body and a front door. The main frame is made of welded angles with wire mesh on all sides.

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Surface treatment


Material texture

carbon steel

Welding form

Two protection welding

Wire diameter


Mesh size


Proudct Feature
1.This product is suitable for the storage of various types and models of gas cylinder goods;
Gas Cylinder Rack
Gas Cylinder Rack
2.This product is a fixed structure, simple structure, sturdy and durable;
3.The product is covered with steel wire mesh on all sides to protect the goods and the internal situation is clear at a glance;
Gas Cylinder Rack
Gas Cylinder Rack
4.The compartment of this product can be replaced with a steel pipe structure, which is suitable for placing small-volume gas cylinders horizontally, saving space and easy to access;
5.Hook holes can be reserved in the compartment of this product to prevent cylinders that must be placed vertically from tipping over when shaken;
Gas Cylinder Rack
Gas Cylinder Rack
6.This product can be locked to prevent others from contacting dangerous goods;
7. Bolt holes are reserved for the foundation of this product, which can be fixed on the ground with expansion bolts to enhance stability;
Gas Cylinder Rack

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