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Aluminum Hand Cart

Alhandcart is mainly composed of the framework of the body chassis and wheels armrest four parts

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Carbon structural steel



The wheels material


The wheel diameter


Product size


The chassis size


Maximum thickness of bottom plate


The net weight

About 8.6kg

Proudct Feature
1.Alhandcart is mainly used for logistics warehouse, supermarket and goods turnover in the station. The standard specifications of the product are in stock for a long time and the quantity is small.
Logistics Trolley
Logistics Trolley
2. Assembly structure, convenient transportation;
3.Simple structure, no need to worry about installation problems;
Logistics Trolley
Logistics Trolley
4.All aluminum body, both light and beautiful, the weight of the whole vehicle < 10kg;
5.Bearing capacity can be adjusted according to demand, with a range of 1000kg ~1500kg; 
Logistics Trolley
Logistics Trolley
6.Handrails using aluminum alloy steel pipe forming technology, surface grinding treatment, increase friction;
7.The bottom plate is a thickened aluminum alloy sheet stamping molding, without any welding components, plate thickness up to 7mm, and added silicon element, hardness is greater, reliable bearing;
Logistics Trolley

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