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Multi-purpose Upright and Flat Bed Trolley

The Mahandcart is mainly made up of body frame bottom plate main wheel auxiliary wheel and handrail.

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Product size



   250kg (2 wheels)
350kg(4 wheels)

The net weight

About 12kg

The chassis size


Maximum thickness of bottom plate


The wheel diameter

Main wheel 250mm  Secondary wheel 125mm

Proudct Feature
1. Mahandcart is mainly used for logistics warehouse, supermarket and goods turnover in the station. More adaptable than ordinary handcart . Standard size. Small amount can be sent;
Logistics Trolley
Logistics Trolley
2. Quickly convert form a 2-wheels upright to a 4-wheel platform truck with a single step on the foot pedal.
3.With the installation drawings,it can be easily installed independently.
Logistics Trolley
Logistics Trolley
4.Aluminum alloy body and chrome plated handrail, beautiful and practical. 
5.Super load-bearing, 250kg in two-wheel configuration, 350kg in four-wheel configuration.
Logistics Trolley
Logistics Trolley
6.Surface is treated with grit blasting to increase friction.
7.The bottom plate is a thickened aluminum alloy sheet stamping molding, without any welding components, plate thickness up to 7mm, and added silicon element, which has greater hardness and reliable bearing.
Logistics Trolley

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