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Flatbed Trolley

Push Hand cart light and durable foldable and portable durable casting casts wheels

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Inquiry Flatbed Trolley
size Sureface Castor material Bearer Weight
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
910 600 900 PowderCoating Polyurethane 300KG 17KG
850 480 900 PowderCoating Polyurethane 250KG 15KG
730 490 900 PowderCoating Polyurethane 220KG 14KG
Proudct Feature
1.The roll container is suitable for internal space turnover of light goods.
Flatbed Trolley
Flatbed Trolley
2.Three specifications of the bottom plate can be selected, and the maximum load can be up to 400kg.
3.The weight of the roll container is only 1/3 of the trolley at same steel specification. It’s extremely light.
Flatbed Trolley
Flatbed Trolley
4.The roll container is fully silent, which can be safely used in a quiet environment.
5.All parts and components of the roll container are dismountable, which are used in various forms and convenient for maintenance.
Flatbed Trolley
Flatbed Trolley
6.The height and shape of the handrails of this roll container conform to principle of human biology and is comfortable to use.
7.The base plate of this roll container is made of polypropylene, with network structure, good strength and corrosion resistance.
Flatbed Trolley
Flatbed Trolley
8.The handrails of the roll container can be turned into reversible structure according to user's demand, saving storage space.
9.Handrail baffle can be added to the roll container to prevent goods from moving back. Logo can be printed on the baffle according to the user's requirements.
Flatbed Trolley
Flatbed Trolley
10.There are 4 soft rubber anti-skid pads on the bottom board of the roll container, which can effectively prevent goods from sliding relatively.
11.Guardrails can be added to the roll container at different heights to prevent goods from falling apart.
Flatbed Trolley
Flatbed Trolley
12.Net fence can be added to the roll container to make it convenient to store goods that are scattered and that are difficult to stack.
13.The quantity of floors can be increased for goods fear to pressure. Guardrail can be set to each layer according to requirement.
Flatbed Trolley
Flatbed Trolley
14.The roll container can be equipped with two handrails in front and rear according to demand, which is more convenient to use.

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