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Platform Truck

Push Hand cart light and durable can be customized sizeStainless steel can be customized.

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Inquiry Platform Truck
Size Sureface Castor material Bearer Weight
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
850 860 1720 PowderCoating Polyurethane 500KG 35.5KG
Customized as required
Proudct Feature
1.This roll container is suitable for the internal turnover of heavy goods.
Platform Truck
Platform Truck
2.The size of the roll container can be customized according to the demand, and the maximum load can be up to 1,200kg.
3.The parts of the roll container are mostly detachable structures, which are convenient for maintenance.
Platform Truck
Platform Truck
4.The height and shape of the handrails of the roll container conform to the principle of human biology and is comfortable to use.
5.The roll container is steel structure floor, impact resistance.
Platform Truck
Platform Truck
6.The handrails of the roll container can be turned into a retractable structure according to user’s demand, saving storage space.
7.The roll container can add handrail baffle to prevent the goods from moving back, and the baffle can print logo according to the user's requirements.
Platform Truck
Platform Truck
8.The base plate of the roll container can be made of pattern plate to increase friction.
9.The roll container can increase guardrails at different heights to prevent the items from falling apart.
Platform Truck
Platform Truck
10.This roll container can add steel fence or net fence to facilitate the storage of scattered, not easy to stack items.
11.The fence of the roll container can be set up with fast opening folding door for easy access.
Platform Truck
Platform Truck
12.For the pressure of the goods can be added to the floor, stratified storage.
13.Front and back Handriails can be added to the roll container according to demand, convenient for use on both sides.
Platform Truck

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