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Collapsible Glass Transport Pallet

glass storage racks and support shall be full penetration in structure stable structure carrying capacity is bigger hold it with glass surface provided in shock absorption prevent the glass damaged during the transit.

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Code Dimensions(mm Weiht Material Capacity (t) Surface
  L W H KG   Dynamic Static  
050002041 1400 800  958 53 Q235 1.5 4.5 Powder coating
050002042 1600 900  1058 58.5 Q235 1.5 4.5 Powder coating
050002043 1800 1000  1158 64.6 Q235 1.5 4.5 Powder coating

Proudct Feature
1.Suitable for medium and small size glass, Slate, wood and other fragile goods’ transportation and three-dimensional storage.
motorcycle pallet
motorcycle pallet
2.Can be customized according to user’s requirements.
3.Stackable, to improve the utilization of storage space.
motorcycle pallet
motorcycle pallet
4.Can be folded when empty, which is convenient for transportation and storage;
5.This product can be used together with pallet rack.
motorcycle pallet
motorcycle pallet
6.Fixed forklift holes to prevent damage to goods caused by improper operation of forklift.
7.Rubber buffer strip is provided to avoid direct contact between the goods and the steel frame.
motorcycle pallet
motorcycle pallet
8.Surface treatment can be powder coating, cold galvanizing, etc.

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