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Roll Out Racks

The Roll Out Racks the drawer structure design principle.It is mainly composed of two parts the sheet glass storage racks and the drawer.Each drawer has a space-saving design

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Inquiry Roll Out Racks
Code Dimensions(mm) Weiht Material Capacity (t) Surface
     L    W    H    a    b    KG      
050003398 1785 1660 1635 1700 1400 521 Q235 8t Powder coating
Proudct Feature
1.This product is suitable for storing all kinds of metal, wood, plastic and other plates
Roll Out Racks
roll out racks
2.There are multiple pull-out storage units, each unit stores the plates independently to prevent the plates from scratching each other;
3.Intensive storage mode to improve space utilization;
roll out racks
roll out racks
4.specifications can be customized according to user needs;
5.Canceling to the storage method of the whole stack in the past; in the best way ,when need to pick up the panel ,which one is used to take which one, convenient and safe;
roll out racks
roll out racks
6.Casters under each drawer can be easily pulled out and pushed back;
7. The main frame is provided with rolling guides to prevent derailment and collision;
roll out racks

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