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Drywall Cart

Drywall Cart is a heavy cart ideal for moving drywall sheetrock paneling Masonite wallboard and more. This series features all-welded construction with structural struts for extreme durability.

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Proudct Feature
1.Lmrack is used in warehouses with small storage space and low requirement on the picking rate of stored goods;
stackable racks
stackable racks
2.Large storage area and few channels can maximize the utilization of storage space;
3.The forklift does not need to travel through the passage when picking goods, which can avoid cargo damage during the storage and storage operation of the high-density storage shelves;
stackable racks
stackable racks
4.The columns, beams and rails are soldered firmly and have strong load-bearing capacity;
5.The pallet car is equipped with rolling bearings. When the outer goods are taken away, the trolley inside can be slid to the outer side by gravity;
stackable racks
stackable racks
6.Adopt selected cold-rolled steel with excellent toughness, strength and welding performance;

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