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Aluminum pallets

There are mainly:pallet steel Steel Pallet Aluminum Pallets Stainless Steel Pallet

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Inquiry Aluminum pallets
Dimensions (mm) Weight 2-way/4-way Surface Capacity (t)
A B H KG Dynamic Static
1000 1200 150 12.1 4-way None 1.5 3
Customized as required
Proudct Feature
1.This pallet is a new type of product, suitable for medium-loaded goods in all fields.
Aluminum pallets
Aluminum pallets
2.The weight of the pallet is extremely light, is only 8-14kg, effectively reducing transport energy consumption.
3.The load ratio is very high, maximum capacity can reach 3000kg.
Aluminum pallets
Aluminum pallets
4.The pallet is made of aluminum alloy with excellent anti-corrosion performance.
5.The surface is anti-skid treatment to increase the friction between the goods and pallet.
Aluminum pallets
Aluminum pallets
6.Edge treatment is done to prevent the pallet scratch the outer packing.
7.Four-way design makes storage operation more convenient.
Aluminum pallets
Aluminum pallets
8.The pallet can be stowed after loading goods to improve the utilization rate of storage space.
9.It can be used in various forms of racks.
Aluminum pallets
Aluminum pallets
10.Can be used with forklifts and hand pallet truck.
11.Can be used with pallet collar.
Aluminum pallets
Aluminum pallets
12.The number of panels can be increased or decreased as required.

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