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Pallet Accessories

The pallet cross divider is mainly composed of two parts: a long divider and a short divider. The two dividers are hingedly connected by bolts. In addition to the difference between the length and the long divider

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Inquiry Pallet Accessories
code Spec Size
  A B C H
1300111175 1400mm 1200mm —— 1000mm

Proudct Feature
1.This product is used for the transformation of customers' existing pallets to refine the pallet storage space and maximize the utilization of pallet space;
Pallet Accessories
Pallet Accessories
2.This product divides the pallet into four units to improve the utilization rate of the pallet;
3. This product is a mesh combination structure, which is light in weight and quick to disassemble and assemble;
Pallet Accessories
Pallet Accessories
4.This product can be used with all pallets with straight edges;
5.Use high-quality carbon steel as raw material;
Pallet Accessories
Pallet Accessories
6.The partition frame is welded by strength, and the mesh is automatically welded, which is strong and durable;
7.The size can be customized according to the size of the user's tray;
Pallet Accessories

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